Who We Are

We are a group of “Cancer Moms”-moms who have children who were diagnosed with cancer. We formed in 2013 and have over 75 families in our group, representing all stages: newly diagnosed, in the midst of the battle, some who are bereaved, and some who are years out of treatment with kids who are now healthy and thriving.

Our Mission

To connect patients, families, and survivors in the Wilmington, NC area to provide avenues for fellowship that help them during the Childhood Cancer journey.

What We Do

We work together to spread awareness and raise funds for Childhood Cancer events. Please checkout our Fundraising and Community Outreach page to learn more about the organizations we fundraise for and how we assist local cancer families. We also meet monthly for dinner to share compassion and encouragement-and just to have fun catching up with each other. We occasionally gather for other social activities with dads and children.

Meet Amy Hermann

Amy Hermann is our fearless leader. She created this group when her oldest son was going through treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. At the time, she was new to the Wilmington area and had 4 young children. Over the years, she has created a network of support for “Cancer Moms” and often, their kids. She has welcomed new members with open arms and sought ways to further outreach, support, and fundraising for childhood cancer research.